Meet Adrianna


Traditional living was never a goal of hers, yet she learned how to make it her own, or maybe even find something better!

She started enjoying her days in the kitchen learning how to make traditional food, ( from her mother, cooking shows, and books ) that not only fed the whole family of ten but was also tasty and fun! Yet, after making years of traditional food, this all became tiresome, and contributed to a life of low energy and illness. Not knowing that some of what she consumed ( Meat, Bread, Dairy, and Processed Sugar ) was taking a toll on her health. It took some time for her to find the right diet, or anything of her liking, and days of trial & error…

A happen of chance.

2006 Adrianna introduced herself into a world of all-natural ways to live. Starting to become a vegetarian at the young age of seventeen & learning about home remedies from those she looked up to, and the many books she read.

Her drive to dive into a world of vegetarianism, self studies of health and nutrition have made her personally advanced in many ways. In the year of 2011 and upon moving to Utah she transitioned to vegan & raw foods in pursuit of an even healthier lifestyle.

Her life style comes from years of self cultivation, practice, or simply divine inspiration! She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge & wisdom as an active participant in the Salt Lake community.

Experienced with nutritional, spiritual, and holistic healing, she’s passionate about making healthy food that’s beautiful, nourishing and also caters to your personal dietary likes & dislikes!

She currently practices her passion through:

  • Diet-tailored group or private classes
  • Meal plans
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Catered meals, snacks and desserts
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